Friday, August 20, 2010

Sister Trip to Italy

They say time flies when you are having fun, and I am definitely having the time of my life. Since my last bog, well, life became complicated, interesting, full of adventure and so much more, but one constant, was my longing to travel. I returned home from Germany, making one last trip to Rome to say goodbye to the Trevi Fountain, and I threw a coin in...and you know what they say, throw a coin in and you will return, throw 2 in and you will fall in love, and throw 3 in and you will get married. Its a great place to get rid of all your change. But at that moment, I really just wanted to come back so I threw a coin in. Fast forward three months later. I am back in Italy, and this time, brought Italy's no 2 fan, my sister with me.

Its strange this love affair with Italy. Its like I can never leave it for too long. It started off in third time..and I really feel like a tour guide..the best sights in Rome in two days..wear comfortable shoes, there will be alot of walking. We made a quick stop to florence..home of beautiful shoes and bags - by this time, my sister had bought her fourth pair, and we decided to take a slow train back to rome, thought tuscany and the beautiful sunflower fields. You can lose your heart in Italy, repair your soul, and find heaven, all in one trip.

Next, we went to Venice. I had never been to venice before, so I was really excited, and since the flight only cost me 2.50 euros, it was worth every cent. Venice, is my favourite place in Italy, the canals, the alleys, I walked for hours, just taking it all in. Through the hustle and bustle, there is a peace, like I have never experience before. After Venice,on to Sicily, home of the mafia, although we didnt run into any..well, at least I dont think so. We spent most of the time in Palermo, found the fresh fruit market, bought cherries, and set off to Trapani for a day at the beach. The next day, was my birthday, I woke up in Palermo, took a flight to Rome, and ate gelato at the trevi best birthday yet..and guess what, I threw another coin Italy, you can expect to see me again

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